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January 9, 2008
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For KL-chan: ShinSena Love by mousey-buu For KL-chan: ShinSena Love by mousey-buu
For :iconkl-chan: KL-chin (・∀・ )

I was really amused by her thoughts on ES21 and I didn't realize there were any BL going on Σ(゜д゜; ) there are??! It did get me thinking... Shin is definitely /that/ type.

☆ Sena's Scouting Adventure ☆

Coach Gunpei: That's enough for the day, hit the showers!

Shin: Yes, let's...

Sena: M-Mamori-neechaaaan, wtf??! *attempts to cell for help-- no bars*


Ah, at least that was the general idea, Shin dragging poor innocent Sena into the showers.

So I sketched this on my down time, I didn't have time to complete drawing (つд≦* ) sorry sorry.
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Shin looks kinda like Kakei.... but I agree with your friend. Pretty much anything ever said in the series sounds GAY out of context. D:
Yes yes, if this wasn't a gift I'd taken it off so people would stop saying he looks more like Kakei. Well that's because I drew him with a Kakei reference, omg! (-д-; )

I see what you're saying about out of context terms football like 'tackling' and stuff. But there is no limit for BL fangirls, out of context gayness exists in all series. Personally, I didn't think ES was that gay, but it's about a sport, and sports= a team boys are working together= the breeding ground for BL.
Well, Kakei's refs = FTW, so I can't fault you for using him. ;P

All sports mangas have HUGE BL fanbases, it is true.
I never thought ES was gay until I found the fanbase. Now I think all sports mangas are gay. Especially Oofuri and some other one I forgot the name of.
For some reason, before I saw the title of the picture, I thought Shin was Kakei. Fufufu, not that I'm complaining of course. Shin as a perverted, badass seme dragging poor, little(and so very molestable) uke-Sena away to have his way with him could make my day anyday. xD
lol, yea, that was my first time drawing Shin and w/o reference, so it's icky. i really need to practice drawing him more, i'm still better at drawing sena, prolly coz i like drawing ukes ;_;
TH-THIS IS TOO---(*////*)
Shin-sannnn you perrvvv ufufufuuu. MUWAHAHAHA Mamori can't help you now Sena! vvvvv
AHH KA-CHAN THANKYOU SO MUCH!!! You don't know how happy I am to see ShinSena fanart!!! ESPECIALLY BY YOU LOL!!! I feel so lucky :love: *shows off on LJ*

Yeah Eyeshield doesn't have any BL hints, but when someone *COFFmeCOFF* wishes there were some, they grab as much as they can between the two boys!

Thankyouuuu!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
*wipes nosebleed*
Haha, you're a great spokes person for them (*^o^ ) yes yes, Shin-senpai makes a scary seme--my fav type (´∀` ) fufu.

I wanted to draw more this year even if it's not finished pics, I really enjoyed it when I'm not stressing about work (-д-; )
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